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A beginners photography course taking you off ‘Auto', helping you to use your camera.

With clear, simple exercises de-mystify your camera, improve your photography creatively. Learn a few simple 'tips' and take great images on holiday or family days out.

Make great images that are sharp, composed well and not too dark or bright. Find out what ISO is used for, how it helps with indoor and night-time photography. Improve your sunset, landscape or evening photography by altering the white balance 'WB' and create stylish Black and White photographs?

The exterior and interior of this Victorian building are equally stunning.  Find amazing landscapes and details amongst the 190 acres of gardens built by Repton in the early 19th century.  With our experience, improve your portraiture, create photographs with blurry backgrounds and impress people with your new photographic skills.

This course is ideal for new photographers, you will learn in a relaxed, fun environment. Ashridge House offers great opportunities to improve your photography and use your camera more creatively.  Walk away with stunning photographs of the Victorian Ashridge Chapel, with beautiful stone and wood carvings. Explore unique Baroque and Victorian style rooms, photograph the flowers, trees, paths and varied gardens of Ashridge House.  www.ashridgehouse.org.uk

Beginners Photography Course

Beginner photography training

£100 incl VAT
4th June 2017
0945 - 1500
Phil Richardson
01442 842597 / 07792 487621 / info@melencourses.co.uk
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