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Beginners photography course taking you off Auto, helping to start using your camera.

This course is ideal for inexperienced photographers as the session will de-mystify your camera with clear, simple exercises. Improve your photography and learn a few simple 'tips' to take more creative pictures.

Over the two hours you will understand how to use the camera and take interesting pictures. You will still use some of the cameras automatic functions as this will help you to get a feel of the camera and feel confident in using it.

Berkhamsted offers great photographic opportunities to improve your photography and use your camera more creatively.

Beginners Photography Course

Beginner photography training

£50 incl VAT
2nd June 2018
0945 - 1200
Phil Richardson
01442 842597 / 07792 487621 / info@melencourses.co.uk
MelenStudios, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 1NX