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Photographing with filters, working with flash and taking pictures in low light can produce exciting and creative images, if you would like to take the next step in photography this course will be ideal for you.  Ashridge House is a stunning location to learn about low light and flash photography, with plenty of opportunity to take artistic pictures. There are simple exercises throughout the day giving you more confidence with your flash, a better understanding of using filters and improving your night time photography.

Learn how to use filters to darken skies, Neutral Density (ND) graduated filters to improve sunsets or bright skies and create moody dramatic pictures. ND Filters help achieve this effect and can improve pictures in post when using Photoshop or Lightroom. Understand when to use full or graduated ND filters, polarisers and other creative filters, what the stops system means and how to use them.

If you are new to flash photography this session will teach you how to use both on camera and off camera wirelessly, it is easier than you would think. Understand how to navigate the menu, operate it in ETTL and manual mode using flash imaginatively.

Low Light
Long exposures, slow shutters speeds and using ISO in dark locations produce really interesting images. At sunset ND Grad filters produce better images and reveal the landscape.  Torches, flashes and lights help you to ‘Paint with Light’, a fun skill to learn with great results. 

Filters, Flash & Low Light Photography For Beginners

Filters, Flash & Low Light Photography

£100 incl VAT
24th February 2018
1100 - 1830
Phil Richardson
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