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Creative, nostalgic and analogue, want to try something new?
Bring your own SLR camera and three rolls of film on this creative 35mm film course for beginners. With easy to follow exercises, explore hidden areas of London, focusing on exposure and composition.

Learn how to load the film and control the aperture and shutter to achieve the correct exposure. Use the light to enhance your subject with Black and White film. Push the colour film adding extra contrast and saturation when processed, making the images vibrant and colourful. Cross processing a style popular in the 80s and 90s alters the colours and contrast of slide film.

With London as a back drop photograph people, brutalist and half timbered architecture, interesting alleyways, Dr Johnson’s House, some of London’s oldest pubs and possibly the unusual. Little experience is needed just a basic understanding of photography as you develop new skills with film cameras, bringing creativity to your photography.

Areas Covered: loading 35mm film, manually set the aperture and shutter, different film types, pushed and cross processed film.

Walking distance: 3km, flat.

35mm SLR Film Photography Course May

35mm film photography in London

£75 incl VAT
23rd May 2020
0915 - 1400
Phil Richardson
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