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Start taking pictures on this beginners photography course in Berkhamsted and discover what you can do with your camera.  Learn a few simple techniques and take more creative images.

Photographing in black and white learn how to simply use natural light and shadow to help shape and improve your photographs. Using the cobbled back alley play with shapes, light and shadow to start making creative pictures. 

Finally, a short walk to the canal where you’ll understand how to get a fuzzy background when photographing people and improve your photography. 

Areas Covered: ISO, white balance, black and white, apertures and shallow depth of field, natural lighting and shadows

Walking distance: 500m, flat.

Beginners Digital Photography Course Jun

Beginners photography course

£45 incl VAT
6th June 2020
0915 - 1200
Phil Richardson
01442 842597 / 07792 487621 / info@melencourses.co.uk
MelenStudios, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 1NX