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Get more from outdoor photography, mastering filters and slow shutters speeds.
Photographing with filters and slow shutter speeds can enhance your images, you can learn how to darken skies and blur waterfalls.  The exercises are easy to follow, you only need some experience and they will improve your landscape photography.

In Verulamium Park, St Albans, create a 'Blurred Water' effect using tripods and slow shutter speeds understanding how to select the right shutter speed. Next using Verluam Lake darken skies emphasise features in the landscape with graduated ND filters. The filters are supplied and you will be able to use other creative filters and polarisers.

After a short break for lunch (please bring your own), we will photograph the Roman walls and park to look for interesting compositions and practise photographing with a shallow depth of field.

Areas Covered:  Slow shutter speeds to blur flowing water, ND graduated and full ND filter photography, Shallow Depth of Field

Walking distance: 500m, flat.

Landscape & Filter Photography Skills Mar

Filters & blurred water in St Albans

£75 incl VAT
21st March 2020
0915 - 1400
Phil Richardson
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