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Use flash on location, get the most from natural light and take better portraits.
Improve your location portrait photography with flashes, reflectors and windows of light. Develop photography skills and build your portfolio. This course will give you more confidence using flashes off camera with available light and finding suitable locations for portraiture.

Four different set-ups on the day covering portraiture. You will gain experience helping to set-up the lights, useful so you are able to do this with your own equipment.

Photographing with a model learn a few simple lighting set-ups, find great locations and use flash outdoors. Lighting on location with flash, natural light or reflectors with give you more options in your own portrait photography.

Areas Covered: setting-up a wireless flashes off-camera, finding locations, posing and reflectors.

Photographer Level: An understanding of how to use your camera, setting apertures and shutters speeds.

Portraiture on Location Photography May

Learn studio and flash lighting

£95 incl VAT
10th May 2020
0945 - 1400
Phil Richardson
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