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A creative blend of Black & White architectural, portraiture and street photography
Develop your composition and lighting techniques, looking for interesting subjects in London's historic landscape.

Expert tuition with easy to follow practical exercises with clear advice to help improve your street photography.  Understand why tone, form and contrast are important in B&W photography and what to look for in your environment.

Discuss street photography, ‘candid’ vs 'staged’, the importance of narratives and context, what are you trying to say with your picture?  With a 10 stop ND filter blur people and cars or even remove them completely in daylight.

Enhance your photography with exciting images of people, buildings and London. Explore the architecture and people at St Paul’s cathedral, walk to Blackfriars through the lanes and be creative with 'Wall Art'. Finally photographing people on the South Bank.

Areas Covered: Black & White, Street, 10 stop ND, people, observation.

Walking distance: 2km, flat.

Street Photography Course Beginners Jun

Street & BW Photography in London

£75 incl VAT
13th June 2020
0945 - 1400
Phil Richardson
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